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concrete playground

Old-school burgers, milkshakes and some epic triple-cooked chips. 16,000 skips seems like a lot of skipping. But apparently someone has been down on Victoria Street doing a bit of counting and Richmond's neon Skipping Girl does it every night. It's daunting then that Abbotsford takeaway Skipping Girl has a burger named 16,000 Skips. Although, given it has three wagyu patties, three slices of cheddar, three pieces of bacon and Skipping Girl special sauce, its name may have a point.

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the Penguin Eats

With an iron pressed logo on top and served in a classic tin container, the “Of Wolf and Man” burger not only looked the part but definitely tasted absolutely sensational as well. Within was a juicy beef patty cooked to medium, providing beautiful beef aroma. What undoubtedly stole the show though was the 48 hour fried chicken.”

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consider the sauce

Skipping Girl Take Away is located a long block away from the hustle and bustle of Vietnamese Victoria Street. But in metaphorical terms, it’s a long way removed. As with parts of other intense inner-city locales – Richmond, Collingwood, even Footscray – these back streets of Abbotsford bespeak days of an older Melbourne.

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the northsider

16 000 skips is a whole lot of skips. Apparently that’s what the iconic Richmond sign, Lil’ Audrey, does every night and it’s possibly how many rope twirls you’d need to do to work off one of new Abbotsford takeaway Skipping Girl’s burgers. But let’s not go there. They are far too tasty to be thinking anything other than the eye-closingly ecstatic moment you are eating them.

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burgers of melbourne

Down a back street in Abbotsford, Skipping Girl Takeaway opened in August 2016. The premises used to be a milk bar and still has the old school feel when you walk in. Still looking like the old corner milk bar, it does however make it easy to pass by without knowing some great burgers are being pumped out of this kitchen.

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mips chips

Skipping Girl takeaway 9.5/10. Poutine topped with fried chicken & jalapeños!!1!!! This place is the stuff dreams are made of. First and foremost, you're greeted with a DIY sauce bar, like literally a hundred of sauces FOR FREE! ???? Secondly the chips are hand made and thrice cooked, allowing for max freshness and crunch. Thirdly the fried chicken tastes like chicken salt ?? and is cut into thin strips so it's like chicken chips. Fourthly the gravy is heaven ?? and everything is mixed through so no chip is left unloved. The staff are absolutely wonderful too. It's like going to your Uncle's place for dinner (your fave uncle not the weird one).

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herald sun

In a backstreet near the Yarra, this former milk bar still oozes old-school charm — just now with added burger. Take the 16,000 Skips — named after the number of bounces the nearby Skipping Girl sign does nightly — with its glorious stack of three wagyu patties, three slices of cheddar and three strips of bacon. Also get triple-cooked chips.

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Located in Abbotsford, Skipping Girl Takeaway not only offers delicious burgers, but they now have just launched their new poutine menu. Skipping Girl's signature triple - cooked thick cut chips can now be ordered with different varieties of poutine toppings such as mac n cheese with gravy, wagyu beef & blue cheese with gravy, and fried egg & feta with kale.

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Melbourne Food Finds

Skipping Girl is a little burger joint in Abbotsford- just a trams ride away from Parliament station in Melbourne’s CBD. I expected big things from Skipping Girl, as they have built up quiet the reputation by being on The Broadsheet Best Burgers in Melbourne, as well as making it into the Burgers Of Melbourne, Ultimate Burger List.

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the urbanlist - national burger day

An epic burger does not contain just a single patty. There should be at least three patties, stacked end on end and covered in cheese.

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the urbanlist - 68 of melbournes best burgers

One bite of the pillowy brioche buns and you’ll be sold.

68 Of Melbourne’s Best Burgers


Melbourne is hamburger crazy, so it is only natural for us to celebrate National Hamburger Day this Sunday 28th May. We asked Burgers Of Melbourne to pick out five burgers to try -all from places you've probably never heard of!

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It seems the popularity of the burger in Melbourne just keeps on growing. You would think there would be enough room in the burger market to run a successful business.

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we made the cut where it counts

winners of Dish of the Year 2017

Finalist in the best burger category

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broadsheet Melbourne - Best Burgers in Melbourne

An ode to the old-school takeaway joint.

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broadsheet Melbourne - Best Burgers in Melbourne

The humble hamburger has seen a great renaissance over the past couple of years – not that it ever went away. The new wave of burgers are a breed apart from their mass-produced forebears – organic, free-range patties, golden brioche buns, house-made pickles and flavour to spare. Read the full write up

Listen to Triple R Inteview with Eyal Talmor. (Burger Visionary and inventor of Skipping girl takeaway ).

burgers of melbourne - best burgers of 2016

2016 was definitely the year of the burger and after eating 200+ burgers from 150+ burger joints it is fair to say I know the difference between a good burger and a bad one. Read the full write up

award winning burgers and chips

big burger biannual

In a blind taste test 3 top melbourne bloggers voted and rated skipping girl take away. The only burger shop to rate top 3 in both competitions.

Ranked - #1 Overall

Ranked -Top 3 in the chips category

Ranked -Top 3 in the beef patty category

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Dish of the Year 2018
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